Powerful. Minimalistic. Beautiful.

A plugin which serves the user with ease. No troublesome configuration needed. Just the most awesome Kalendar ever built.

What’s the difference?

Why choose Kalendar?


It’s your calendar and it should reflect your personal taste and likes. Kalendar lets the users put his or hers personal touch on a number of decisions, regarding both design and functionality.

Google Calendar integration

No need to edit your event list every time you come up with something amazing to do with your day. Get the events straight from the source.

Multiday events

The problem with many calendar plugins is that they don’t support events that stretch over several days. With Kalendar that time has passed.

Small filesize

Kalendar is compressed by hand and is less than 15 kB big. Even less if gzipped.

Automatic updates

After including Kalendar on your website it will stay up to date until there is a new not backwardcompatible version released.

Lifetime license

If you purchase a Kalendar Pro license it will be valid forever. No hidden costs and no expiration dates.

What can you customize with Kalendar?


Kalendar comes pre-packed with 4 different colorsets. These will help you get started in no time. When you are ready to integrate your own colorscheme into Kalendar it’s easy as one, two, three.

Name of days and months

Monday, måndag, Montag. March, mars, März. There are several different names for the months and days of the week. You can choose yourself.

First day of the week

The problem with many calendar plugins is that they don’t support events that stretch over several days. But with Kalendar that time has passed.

Event functions

Every event in Kalendar has a function hooked to it that you can access and define.

What is everyone else saying about Kalendar?

"... thanks for this awesome plugin."

— Rushan Mnm, 5 Jan 2014

"Nice work on Kalendar ..."

— Aalexis Lapasset, 16 Jan 2014

"Great calendar plugin you made ..."

— Johan Stroobants, 16 Dec 2013

For more feedback, visit the Feedback page.

Why pay for Kalendar?

Just as you, I want to earn money doing what I love. No matter how much I love to this, it’s not sustainable to do it for free. If we were to combine this desire with a belief that amazing products should be free, we got problems ahead. This is how I solved this problem, and I hope you approve:

Kalendar Free

You will receive full functionality and customization as well as top tier support. In order to advance Kalendar even further certain data, as options and environment, will be collected.

Get Kalendar Free

Kalendar Pro

With a valid API-key there will be no data-collecting. You will enjoy every function and customization Kalendar has to offer. The API-key will be valid forever, no matter if the price changes.

Buy Kalendar Pro $10

This way I, Eric Wennerberg, will be able to continue keeping Kalendar awesome. For the end user Kalendar will look exactly the same, all functions included, no matter if you choose to buy it or not.


In order to initialize Kalendar all you have to do is call on the container.


Options can be passed as an object when calling Kalendar.

var options = { 
 	events: [],
 	firstDayOfWeek: "Monday",
 	showDays: true

This are just the basic structure of how to customize Kalendar. For more in-depth information visits Kalendar documentation.

Buy Kalendar Pro

I’m very happy to see that you want to buy Kalendar Pro and support further development. To complete your purchase, please fill out this form.

The API-key will be sent to your email-address. No spam will ever be sent, promise.

The domain name is needed to ensure your license isn’t used by someone else than yourself. Note that the license will be valid for subdomains aswell as the maindomain. Please enter it according to the following format, www.example.com.

Download Kalendar Free

To start using Kalendar Free all you have to do is include this script after jQuery have been initialized.

<script src="http://ericwenn.se/kalendar/free/"></script>

Then it’s all up to you what you which to do. No matter if you want to change the course of humanity or just keep track of your school-schedule I have put together a documentation, just for you.